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Veganuary: Is veganism possible on a budget? Long-term Mumbai vegans say it is


Updated on: 21 January,2022 05:32 PM IST  |  Mumbai
Nascimento Pinto | nascimento.pinto@mid-day.com

Some who are interested in turning vegan remain on the fence, often because it seems like an expensive lifestyle choice. Three Mumbaikars who have been on a vegan diet for a long time, say it is relatively easy for Indians to adopt the change because alternatives are accessible and can be made at home too

Veganuary: Is veganism possible on a budget? Long-term Mumbai vegans say it is

Kuntal Joshier, Tanvi Sawant and Nigel Rajaratnam believe people can start by using alternatives like oat milk, soy milk and tofu easily available at the local store. Photo: Kuntal Joshier/Tanvi Sawant/Nigel Rajaratnam

Kuntal Joisher turned vegan almost 20 years ago when veganism wasn’t even fashionable or a term that was heard of in India. Luckily for him, Joisher, who was a student at the time in the US, was living in Los Angeles which was one of the cities where veganism was a known lifestyle and it was easier to get vegan food alternatives. However, that wasn’t so much the case when he came back to Mumbai in 2007. The Ghatkopar resident eased into the process, starting by making soy milk himself at home. Within a year, he says he found everything he needed around him – all he had to do was ask for it. 

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