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Face yoga experts share asanas to get a toned jawline

Updated on: 19 June,2023 02:04 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Face yoga refers to the training of facial muscles to enhance features and activate blood circulation around the face and neck. Interestingly, our face constitutes 87 muscles which if stretched regularly, can induce youthful vitality naturally

Face yoga experts share asanas to get a toned jawline

These asanas need only 10 minutes of your day and don’t break a sweat. Photo Courtesy: Mansi Gulati

Have you ever noticed that people look at you while you look away? That’s when your profile becomes a defining factor of your appearance. While looks are superficial and what matters is on the inside, we cannot disregard the importance of tight muscles. 

While gym workouts and make-up contouring are a few techniques, they don’t yield lasting results. Often people opt for cosmetic surgeries which come with a substantial risk of infection, nerve damage, and scarring. What if we told you that you can attain a chiseled jawline with face yoga asanas?

Face yoga refers to the training of facial muscles to define features and reduce fat around the face and neck. Interestingly, our face constitutes 87 muscles which if stretched regularly, can induce youthful vitality naturally. Mid-Day.Com reached out to experts to discover effective face yoga asanas that need only 10 minutes of your day and don’t break a sweat.

Here are easy face yoga exercises for a defined jawline:    

Fish face exercise: 
This exercise not only sculpts your cheekbones but is an effective method to tone your nasolabial folds and smile lines. Start with pulling your cheeks and the corners of your lips inwards slowly. Hold this expression for 30 seconds at first gradually expanding the time limit. While you do this asana, try to lift your cheek muscles in the shape of a smile. Stretch your cheeks until you begin to feel pressure in your jaws. The pressure is essentially the burning of excessive fat around the jaws and neck. Relax and repeat it three times.

Platysma toning: 
“Platysma muscle is responsible for the movement and functionality of the lower part of our face. The contraction and expansion of platysma are the causes behind our facial expressions like smiling, laughing, or frowning. One of the reasons behind a diminished jawline is a slack platysma which leads to the accumulation of face fat. With platysma toning, we can reduce the face fat and achieve a firm neckline”, shares Mansi Gulati, founder of Manasvani. Here’s how to do this asana: Open up your mouth and pucker your lips inwards enveloping your teeth. Lock your lips in this position while moving your jaw up and down. Repeat this 10 times for three rounds. You will notice changes within five days of doing this regularly.

Tapping massage:
A tapping massage is the best method to create pressure around your jawline and also reduce double chin. Begin this massage by looking upwards and pressing your jawline slowly from your chin to your temples. Do this with your index and middle finger for 15 counts. “Whenever we do face yoga, we must engage our index and middle fingers as they are directly connected to the nervous system. Doing this will ensure maximum results of our efforts as the brain coordinates with the muscles better”, highlights Mansi while performing the tapping massage. Doing this also helps in eliminating bad toxins from our bodies.

Masseter Index press: 
Shashi Sarda, the founder of Yoga Central, Bandra West explains, “The most important muscle that shapes our jawline is the masseter muscle. It stretches from the rear part of the cheek to the lower jaw and helps us in chewing. Index press is another simple yet effective asana which activates and strengthens the masseter muscle.” Press your index fingers towards the rear part of your cheeks (the masseter muscle) and open your mouth. While your mouth is open, ensure that your teeth are covered with the lips. Now hold this position for 30 seconds and then slowly close your mouth. Do it three times to create pressure on your lower jaw which in turn improves blood circulation and releases toxins.

Air kiss exercise: 
This one practically needs no explanation and is one of the easiest facial exercises for your jaw. Along with shaping your jawline, it works wonders in removing dark lines that form around your mouth. Begin this exercise by tilting your head back and looking upwards. Now slowly make a pout with your lips by pushing your lips outwards and sucking in your cheeks. Hold this posture for 30 seconds gradually increasing the count to 45-60 seconds. You will begin to feel a burn around your jaw and cheeks. Do it thrice for toned jaw muscles.

Tongue roof exercise:
Roll your tongue inwards and begin to push against the upper palate. Hold this position while slowly tilting your head upwards. Use your breath as a perimeter while keeping your mouth closed. Stretch your neck further back while pushing the tongue harder against the roof of your mouth. This is a beastly asana that has threefold benefits: strengthening facial muscles, chiseling the jawline, and preventing a double chin. Along with these asanas, we also need to reduce the consumption of sodium. “Sodium tends to retain water in our kidneys which leads to a loss of hydration. If the body is dehydrated, we tend to accumulate more toxins around our face and neck and eventually lose a lean jawline. Staying hydrated will ensure maximum results that can be obtained from these asanas”, shares Shashi who has been practicing yoga for the past 12 years.

Lion pose:
After all the earnest asanas, add this fun posture to end your face yoga routine with. Open your mouth wide with a deliberate effort to stretch facial muscles. Along with this, stretch your eyes wide while bringing the chin closer to the chest. Now pull your tongue out like a roaring lion. Don’t forget to breathe from your nose while holding the position. This asana is an effective method to boost blood circulation and chisel your jawline.

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