Iconic Mumbai restaurant Gaylord in Churchgate re-opens its door with a new look, additions to the menu and live musical nights

22 April,2024 05:19 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  mid-day online correspondent

Established in 1956 by partners Ghai and Lamba, located in the bustling street of Churchgate, the legacy has embraced the new times and the changing world with a revamped look while retaining its old charm

‘Gaylord’, a combination of both the partner’s names ‘Ghai’ & ‘Lamba’ has served as a heritage landmark for decades. Photo Courtesy: Gaylord

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Time machines may still be a pipedream, but there's something in Mumbai that might be good enough to make all your time-travel dreams come true. Gaylord - a name that needs no introduction, is all set to unfold a new chapter in its legendary journey. The 67-year-old iconic Mumbai restaurant is all geared up to embrace the new times and the changing world with a revamped look while retaining its old charm that will draw not only the yesteryear crowd but also today's generation. The all-new Gaylord with its new yet cultural and heritage look will also offer an exciting new menu keeping its legacy intact. Established in 1956 by partners Ghai & Lamba, located in the bustling street of Churchgate, the legacy continued with Sunil Lamba and continues still with the new owners Dhruv & Divij Lamba being the torchbearers of this iconic restaurant.

‘Gaylord', a combination of both the partner's names ‘Ghai' & ‘Lamba' has served as a heritage landmark for decades, that stands as a link to Mumbai's glorious past, is now ready to take you back to the golden years through a nostalgic cuisine and atmosphere. The new interiors designed by Headlights Studio, a design firm from Delhi draw its inspiration from the black and white colonial-era infused with rich historical accents. The lavish Parisian outdoor patio, colonial architecture, vintage atmosphere, cosy ambience, delicately carved historical artefacts & statues, beautiful intricate chandeliers, and plush seats will make you want to stay still in the moment. The walls are lined with more than 150+ original B & W photographs sourced from renowned photographers like Madan Mahatta and various others, narrating a story of their own. All these photographs are curated by Delhi based gallery Blueprint 12. Among these photographers, you might also spot a few familiar faces of prominent personalities like Raj Kapoor, Lata Mangeshkar, Pandit Ravi Shankar and even some rock idols like the Beatles, a testament to Gaylord's rich legacy and irreplaceable charm.

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"Redesigning the space of this iconic restaurant was like a dream come true. It was a harmonious dance between honouring its rich history and infusing it with a fresh, contemporary flair. Every element is carefully curated, and every detail is meticulously crafted, to create an ambience that not only captivates the senses but also pays homage to the restaurant's enduring legacy while embracing the spirit of modernity." says Sidharth Srivastava, design principal at Headlights Studio.

The elegant fine-dining space is no stranger to setting new trends, from introducing formal ballroom dancing and live bands in the Jazz age in Mumbai to being the go-to social gathering hotspot for many Bollywood celebrities in the '60s, Gaylord has been an indispensable part of the city's cultural fabric and keeps this tradition alive still. The revamped Gaylord space will host many cultural nights from live grand piano recitals, to live music events and specially curated hi-tea parties, a truly designated space for people of all ages. While enjoying the cosy ambience, patrons can indulge in the newly curated dishes along with their old favourites featuring a variety of cuisines, and new scrumptious delicacies with the same trademark delicious taste.

Known for its delectable breakfast bites and Indian and continental cuisine, start your day with some healthy and tasty breakfast with ‘Sahib Full English' consisting of eggs served with sausage, bacon, baked beans and toast. Spend your lazy afternoons with their mention-worthy ‘Tier Specialty High-Tea platters' featuring a selection of pantry sandwiches, bite-sized cakes, pakoras and hot/cold beverages. The array of teas served will make you forget your coffee, partake in some Kashmiri Kahwa or the Darjeeling First Flush, and don't forget to also try Flowery Nilgiri Orange Pekoe, a rare type of tea produced only in the Nilgiri region during their winter harvest, all served in specially curated crockery and cutlery imported from France.

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Indulge in the classics like the Gaylord's famous mashed potatoes, or Chicken ala Kiev an all-time favourite chicken breast stuffed with buttered mushrooms and cheese, or experience the Lobster Thermidor prepared in a delicate mushroom & cream sauce with white wine, carefully baked in a shell and topped with cheese. There's something for the sweet vegetarians too, try Veg Au Gratin a combination of vegetables in cream sauce baked with cheese, or Lasooni Palak a creamy spinach preparation flavoured with fresh garlic and spices. "Crafting each dish at Gaylord is like composing a symphony, blending tradition with innovation to create a culinary masterpiece that resonates with the legacy of our iconic restaurant, now rejuvenated with a new menu that celebrates both our heritage and the flavours of tomorrow, we can't wait for your patrons to try the new dishes and choose their favourites," says Chef Vikram about the new menu.

Pair these dishes with flavourful elixirs from the newly created cocktail menu with riffs of interesting local and international picks with a unique outlook on colonial drinks such as Martinis, Bloody Mary, and GnTs. Pick your poison from our famous GnT ‘Gaylord Cucumber Collins' made with gin, cucumber, lemon & sparkling water or The Royal Mysore a flavourful mixture of smoked bourbon, sandalwood, cherry, citrus and Indian bitters. The desserts are to die for, choose from the classic Black Forest, Pineapple Cake or try something new with the Japanese Cheesecake and Mixed Fruit Cake, they will surely not disappoint.

"Gaylord's new look and menu is not just a celebration but a tribute to its long-standing legacy of 67 years. We promise to keep pushing boundaries each year and preserve our precious past. Gaylord is committed to standing the test of times, being a haven for generations and forging new ever-lasting memories, synonymous with warmth and love for good food.", says Dhruv and Divij Lamba, owners of Gaylord.

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