13 signs that prove you are a tea lover

You only gain consciousness after having a sip of your hot tea in the morning. You think tea is better than coffee. It's raining and first thing that comes to your mind is a hot cup of tea. For others it is an annoying habit but for you it is an addiction, whether you accept it or not.

Day does not start without a simmering hot cup of tea and the string of gulping numerable tea cups goes on the entire day. You cannot think of anything else other than tea, no coffee, no green, purple, violet or yellow tea for you, just your conventional cup of blissful “Chai”.

You look for petty excuses for having a tea. It’s your poison, accept it or not, it is. How? Here are signs.

A hot cup of tea in the morning

Mornings aren’t good without ‘Garam chai ki pyali’
The only reason you wake up is a cup of tea that you crave first thing in the morning.


Coffee is not your cup of tea
Nothing can replace your cup of tea, you don’t want to. They say coffee, you say tea!

tea stall

Anytime, anywhere… or every time, every where?!
Be it any time of the day, be it any day, be it anywhere in the world, you will manage to get your hands on your cup of bliss.

Having tea during rains

Rains and tea, voila!
Rains throw you under some kind of spell that you crave for a cup of tea more than any other time. As they say, “Chai ka asli maza to barish me hai”. Though, normally weathers don’t have any impact on your love for tea.

Tea break

Chai break
Though, you are a person that wouldn’t leave your workstation without getting done with the work assigned to you but when it is about your chai break, you can help it.

Smoking while having tea

Sutta without tea? No can do!
You cannot even think of having a puff without a cutting.

Never refuse tea

Never say no
You never say no to someone offering a cup of tea. Whoever it is, he/she is godsend, god bless them and keep that cup coming.

Have tea anywhere

Chai, chai everywhere
You have the audacity to ask for a tea even in Beer Café or Barista Café while people can stare at you all they want.

Tea of different flavours

Chai of different flavors
You have tried it all. From Adrak wali to elaichi wali, from Tulsi wali to Kali mirch wali, you have had all flavors of tea.

Tea expert

Now, you are a tea expert
This has too much milk in it, this one has too much water in it, this is not rightly sweetened and you keep on nagging people with your reviews about the every cup of tea you have.

Cutting chai

One more, please!
And you cannot just stop yourself from asking a cup of tea, after every 5 minutes. Yeah, we know the 5 minutes feel like an eternity.

Woman drinking tea

What were you saying?
And you keep losing tracks when people are talking to you while you are still having your tea.

Tea drinkers

You don’t care what people say
Many a time, people must have shown their objection for your love for tea but then, you don’t care!

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