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BTS: Jungkook teases ARMYs with his gangster self in MV snippet for '3D'

At the Global Citizen Festival, BTS member Jungkook announced his next solo project. After a striking performance at the Golabl Cizen Festival 2023 in New York, the 'Seven' singer unveiled the first teaser of his upcoming project titled '3d'. Shortly afterwards, BIGHIT MUSIC officially announced that “3D” was a new solo digital single featuring Jack Harlow. In their English statement, the agency wrote, “Jungkook’s second solo single, ‘3D (featuring Jack Harlow),’ is a pop R&B track with clever expressions of feelings toward an unattainable person from the perspectives of first, second, and third dimensions. Get ready to meet an even more mature side of Jungkook following ‘Seven (featuring Latto).’” We were previously questioning what it was going to be exactly. Was it an album title or a single? Well, our questions have been answered.  BIGHIT MUSIC set the entertainment world abuzz with a captivating teaser on Twitter. This teaser, clocking in at just 30 seconds, offered a glimpse into what promises to be an unforgettable musical collaboration between Jack Harlow and the ever-fashionable Jungkook. The teaser commences with an electrifying surge of hip-hop beats, a signature hallmark of Jack Harlow's musical artistry. These beats not only set the stage for what's to come but also serve as a testament to the synergy between these two musical powerhouses. Jungkook, known for his multifaceted talents, makes a striking entrance in his most stylish avatar yet. The visuals are nothing short of breathtaking, as the South Korean sensation effortlessly combines fashion-forward elements with his innate charisma. The lyrics which can be heard, "I just wanna see you like that..I wanna see it in motion in 3D" sent fans into an absolute tizzy. We were promised Jungkook at his "most mature" and it sure seems like we're getting that. However, the true pièce de résistance arrives towards the end of the teaser: a mesmerizing game of chess between Jack Harlow and Jungkook. This unexpected twist adds a layer of intrigue to the upcoming release. Chess, a game of strategy and intellect, hints at a deeper narrative that the artists might be exploring in their music.  ARMYs took to Twitter to express their delight over this news: Lyrics of #JungKook_3D "I just wanna see you like thatSee you like thatSee you like that I wanna see itIn motionIn 3D" — BTS Charts Daily⁷ (@btschartsdailyx) September 27, 2023 THE WORLD IS NOT READY FOR “3D”3D IS COMING SEPTEMBER 29 #3DbyJungkook #JungKook_3D — DAILY_JK97ʲᵏ (@Daily_JK97) September 27, 2023 "I JUST WANNA SEE YOU LIKE THAT" JALQNSLSNSSKSJ LIKE WHAAAAT JEON JUNGKOOK?? — rayo³ᴰ (ia) (@taegisgod) September 27, 2023 Everything about 3D is a whole different from seven !! The sounds! The vibes and the attitude!! Even the mv looks like an action movie!!I am so excited … obsessed already!!3D IS COMING SEPTEMBER 29 #3DbyJungkook — ミ ♡ ミ (@ayjk97) September 27, 2023 The teaser leaves fans and enthusiasts alike on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the release of this collaborative masterpiece. The anticipation is palpable, with social media platforms buzzing with excitement and speculation. What lyrical gems will Jack Harlow and Jungkook unveil in their upcoming single? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain - it's bound to be nothing short of extraordinary.

27 September,2023 09:47 AM IST | South Korea

BTS: Group members extend HYBE contracts amid Suga, Jin, and J-Hope's service

BTS has officially renewed its contracts with their agency, now known as Hybe Corporation. On September 20th, the seven members of BTS, namely RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, came together to solidify their commitment to the group's future endeavors. This collective renewal, as confirmed by South Korea's esteemed news agency, Yonhap, marks a significant milestone in the group's journey. Initially, the plan was to have each member sign exclusive contracts individually and sequentially. However, the decision to unify their commitment is a testament to their unwavering bond and shared vision. Notably, this renewal encompasses all members, even those currently fulfilling mandatory military service duties. Jin and J-Hope are diligently serving as assistant instructors, while SUGA embarked on his military journey in Seoul on the 22nd of September. Leader RM made the renewal announcement public on his Instagram account on the 20th, reinforcing his dedication to BTS's collective goals. This announcement carries profound implications not only for the group but also for HYBE Corporation. BTS is undeniably HYBE's most valuable intellectual property, and securing their commitment for the future is a substantial triumph. Speculation now abounds that the group will resume full-scale activities as a complete unit in 2025, once all members have completed their military service obligations. The journey of BTS began under the banner of Big Hit Entertainment, which subsequently evolved into HYBE Corporation. Their initial contract renewal took place in October 2018, but this recent development has ignited a renewed fervor among their passionate fanbase, ARMY. ARMY members are eagerly awaiting what the future holds, anticipating more groundbreaking music and accomplishments from the group that consistently reshapes the music industry's landscape. Despite members branching out into solo endeavors and fulfilling military service requirements, BTS has kept their fans engaged by continuously releasing new music and exploring their individual artistic paths. Most recently, Jungkook, one of BTS's shining stars, thrilled fans with the revelation of his upcoming solo digital single, "3D," featuring American singer Jack Harlow. This exciting news was unveiled during Jungkook's electrifying performance at the Global Citizen Festival and subsequently confirmed on the global fandom platform, Weverse. To add to the excitement, Jungkook has teased fans with 1D and 2D concept photos and teasers for his eagerly anticipated solo single, "3D."

26 September,2023 02:19 PM IST | South Korea
BTS member Jungkook did a live chat with fans post his Global Citizen performance

BTS: Jungkook scolds ARMY for spoiling his surprise at Global Citizen Festival

BTS ARMYs were all excited to watch the band's youngest member rock the stage at the Global Citizen Festival in New York. What they were not prepared for was Jungkook's sudden announcement of a new single called 3D. The vocalist dropped the teaser of the single at the concert, as a surprise for ARMYs attending as well as fans across the world. However, a video from the Jungkook's rehearsal at the Global Citizen venue a day prior was leaked by some overzealous fans, potentially spoiling the surprise. After his performance at the Global Citizen Festival, Jungkook went live on Weverse to talk to his fans, and also scolded the person who leaked the video. In one segment of the live, the Seven hitmaker said, "I'm coming on for a bit to see you guys. You saw the video released, right? 3D featuring Jack Harlow. And today I had the Global Citizen stage... and I tossed out the idea of releasing the video after the performance and it really happened. He continued, "I threw out an idea, 'What if we release the video after the performance', so it happened like that. But it's a shame that yesterday I was rehearsing and someone filmed it and posted it. Who was it? You shouldn't do that. There's something called a surprise, huh?"           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by 김태형 taehyung⁷ 🐻 (@taetaebooo) BTS member Jin, who is currently serving in the South Korean military, also dropped by during Jungkook's live. The eldest member, who shares a special bond with the youngest, started by commenting on Weverse, asking JK to stop touching his hair.  230924 jin and jungkook on weverse ㅠㅠ, a thread; 🐹: Hey stop touching your hair🐰: Oh who's this "hey stop touching your hair”🐰: Oh jin! It’s jin yahh- jin, are you doing well ?🐰: jin are you doing well?🐹: Oh Jweke 🐰: Oh Jin!! 🐰: JJAN — ❦ (@seokjinniere2) September 24, 2023 They also chatted about military service, which Jungkook will be joining soon. Currently, Jin, JK and Suga, three members of BTS, are fulfilling their mandatory period. Jin complained that Jungkook doesn't text him enough, and the dongsaeng explained because he has been flying to different time zones for work lately. "I'm going back and forth across countries so it's hard with the time difference," JK said. Jin responded, "J-hope and I exchange like 300 messages every day.  Jungkook also asked him to watch his performance at Global Citizen, and complimented Jin on his ageless looks. "Hyung, I did my stage today, so please watch it... You're cool even in the military! You don't get old, you look even younger... You're going to get out (of the military) first so while we're gone please be active for our ARMYs, I'm working hard before I go too," he said.  

24 September,2023 02:21 PM IST | New York

BTS's Jungkook drops first teaser of his solo single '3D'

At the Global Citizen Festival, BTS member Jungkook announced his next solo project. After a striking performance at the Golabl Cizen Festival 2023 in New York, the 'Seven' singer unveiled the first teaser of his upcoming project titled '3d'. Where is it an album title or a single? only time will tell.  At the festival, Jungkook performed his hit songs 'Seen', 'Still With You', and 'Euphoria', followed by an energetic performance on the songs 'Dynamite' and 'Permission to Dance'. After the performance, Jungkook surprised fans by unveiling the first teaser of his upcoming song. The teaser has several shots of Jungkook moving around and the video ended with the words '3D'.  Shortly afterwards, BIGHIT MUSIC officially announced that “3D” was a new solo digital single featuring Jack Harlow. In their English statement, the agency wrote, “Jungkook’s second solo single, ‘3D (featuring Jack Harlow),’ is a pop R&B track with clever expressions of feelings toward an unattainable person from the perspectives of first, second, and third dimensions. Get ready to meet an even more mature side of Jungkook following ‘Seven (featuring Latto).’” Jungkook also unveiled two hero films and his first concept photos for “3D,” which is due out on September 29 at 1 p.m. KST. Previously, after releasing his hit solo debut single “Seven” in July, Jungkook revealed on Suga’s talk show “Suchwita” that he planned to “release one more single, and then… a small mini album later. I think it’ll all be out by November.” The 2023 Global Citizen Festival advocates for equality amongst all, gender equality, solving global hunger and climate emergency. A couple of days ago, Jungkook shared a statement in a press release about the upcoming festival appearance. “I'm so thrilled to join this year's Global Citizen Festival as a headliner!” Jungkook said. “The festival sheds light on important causes and drives action and I'm happy to take part in it. I can't wait to perform in front of many people at the Great Lawn in Central Park.”  Several international advocates are also confirmed to participate in the event, as well as a handful of celebrity guests. Bill Nye, Bridget Moynahan, Busy Philipps, Carmelo Anthony, Common, Connie Britton, Danai Gurira, Gayle King, Jordan Fisher, Lewis Pugh, Padma Lakshmi, Phoebe Gates, Rachel Brosnahan and Sophia Bush will make an appearance. 

24 September,2023 09:50 AM IST | Mumbai | mid-day online correspondent

The Moon movie review: Aiming for the Moon but landing well short of it

Film: The MoonCast: Sol Kyung-gu, Do Kyung-soo, Kim Hee-ae, Jo Han-chul, Amy AlehaDirector/Writer: Kim Yong-hwaRating: 2/5Runtime: 129 mins Kim Yong-hwa’s latest film, a sci-fi thriller, has South Korea joining the race to put a human astronaut on the Moon - to bring back samples with a view to establishing a future mining operation. The film in fact starts off positing a futuristic scenario wherein the second such South Korean mission is about to set off, after the first one failed following an explosion. The astronauts on board include highly trained Cho Yoon-jong and Lee San-won, along with relative newcomer Hwang Sun-woo (Do Kyung-soo better known as D.O. of the South Korean boy band EXO), the son of one of the engineers involved in designing that first rocket. Hwang Sun-woo’s father had apparently killed himself following the failure of the first mission.  Woori-ho, the spacecraft they are travelling in, encounters high solar winds caused by a coronal mass ejection from the sun, just as they are nearing their target. The craft experiences some difficulties as their communications systems and solar panels gets knocked out. Cho and Lee, while spacewalking to repair them, get caught in an explosion. The film tries hard to channel ‘Gravity’ here but it doesn’t even come close to that elevated experience.  So, Hwang is the only one alive, trapped in a damaged vessel which he cannot steer and which only has enough air left for five days. This movie follows the typical space disaster movie format and has the control centre trying to establish guidance communications in order to steer the lone astronaut out of a sticky life-threatening situation.  The efforts to rescue the endangered astronaut come a cropper as one thing after another goes wrong. The Space programme’s surviving engineer, Kim Jae-gook (Sol Kyung-gu), his ex-wife (Kim Hee-ae) who happens to work for NASA, and Han-byul (Hong Seung-hee), are the only ones able to help Hwang when everything else fails. The narrative is cliche-ridden and full of plot holes while the action and dialogue are pretty much cheesy.  ‘The Moon’ marks the first time that Kim Yong-Hwa has attempted such an ambitious set-up. The story is neither lean nor focused though. Sun-Woo’s survival and rescue mission forms a significant part of the plot but it’s not the sole focus. A backstory surrounding Kim Jae-Guk’s past, a bureaucratic subplot revolving around NASA and some hammy slap-stick also jostle for space in a narrative that prefers melodrama to subtlety and nuance. The science is questionable and the thrills are obligatory. The narrative ends up being way too long with too many twists and turns - thus making it rather impossible to believe in. The amplified emotions and obligatory tear-jerking moments make you feel like you are in a TV drama. Director/Writer Kim tries to do way too much with the story and narrative.  Political issues, both national and international are also segued into the storyline in order to give the film a broader appeal. But it doesn’t work out as planned. The special effects are inconsistent but there are times when it feels entirely credible too. The meant-to-be-thrilling set pieces showcasing Sun-Woo facing various dangers don’t work up much thrill.  The absurd action sequences make the filmed experience very much iffy. Hwang’s moon landing, and his attempts to avoid the path of a meteor shower, while outracing exploding space rocks are rather over-the-top. The audience doesn’t get to see much of the Moon either. The visuals and effects go from excellent to pedestrian in no time. The story borrows ideas from major Hollywood space disaster/survival thrillers. Even so, the scatter-shot plotting, sluggish pacing, and uneven VFX make this film a below-par experience.  

23 September,2023 06:30 PM IST | South Korea | Johnson Thomas

Global Citizen Festival 2023: Jungkook to Stray Kids, when and where to watch

South Korean boy band, BTS' member and main vocalist, Jungkook, will be attending the Global Citizen Festival 2023 and take the stage on September 23 in New York City’s Central Park. Along with him, Stray Kids’ 3RACHA, Megan Thee Stallion, Conan Gray, D-Nice and Sofia Carson have been confirmed for the lineup this year.  The Global Citizen Festival 2023 is taking place in New York, but fans, who are unable to witness it live, can be a part of it virtually. The music festival will be streaming live. The expected crowd at the event is over 60,000 people. Fans, who desire to watch the music festival, can download the Global Citizen app to be a part its part. The Global Citizen Festival is for a social cause. One can sign up on the website and extend support to the cause. The live stream will start on the Global Citizen app at 4 pm EST on Saturday which is 1:30 am IST, September 24 (Sunday). According to reports, Jungkook might be announcing his next solo album name. After the success of SEVEN, his solo album is expected to be out by November. Jungkook was rehearsing for his performance in New York. The K-pop icon embraced his signature oversized style statement with stylish pieces for the rehearsal show. Several videos from Jungkook's rehearsal on the Global Citizen stage made it to social media. He sang some of his and BTS' most famous songs on stage, including Seven (Explicit version), Euphoria, Still With You, Butter, Dynamite, and Permission to Dance.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by 전 정국 (@jungguk_world)   The 2023 Global Citizen Festival advocates for equality amongst all, gender equality, solving global hunger and climate emergency. A couple of days ago, Jungkook shared a statement in a press release about the upcoming festival appearance. “I'm so thrilled to join this year's Global Citizen Festival as a headliner!” Jungkook said. “The festival sheds light on important causes and drives action and I'm happy to take part in it. I can't wait to perform in front of many people at the Great Lawn in Central Park.”  Several international advocates are also confirmed to participate in the event, as well as a handful of celebrity guests. Bill Nye, Bridget Moynahan, Busy Philipps, Carmelo Anthony, Common, Connie Britton, Danai Gurira, Gayle King, Jordan Fisher, Lewis Pugh, Padma Lakshmi, Phoebe Gates, Rachel Brosnahan and Sophia Bush will make an appearance. 

23 September,2023 10:23 AM IST | Mumbai

BTS: Suga takes to social media to bid his final goodbye, ARMYs in tears

In a heartfelt message to his devoted fans, Suga, the beloved member of global Kpop sensation BTS, has announced his departure for military enlistment. This revelation came as a touching surprise to the ARMY, delivered by none other than the artist himself on Weverse. Suga, known by his birth name Min Yoon-gi, took to the social media platform to express his gratitude and affection for the ARMY, BTS's dedicated fanbase. In a semi-formal yet deeply emotional tone, he shared his sentiments with the world. "Hello, I'm Suga," he began, capturing the attention of fans worldwide. "I came to give my greetings! I've come all the way here because of army.and now it's finally time. I'll come back after earnestly finishing the service. please be careful of the chilly changing of the season to fall. let's all stay healthy and each other in 2025! army!!!! thank you always and I love you (sic.)" - Who's cutting onions? Devastated ARMYs took to X to share their sadness: MIN YOONGI IS WORTH THE WAIT ♡ — ꪜ (@fayepjm) September 21, 2023 Be safe, happy, and well my dear. 💜See you in 2025 — Tina⁷ (@MinYoongiSwagg7) September 21, 2023 “Future's gonna be okay.” — Min Yoongi ♡ — Pril 🌸 (@laviedenoona) September 21, 2023 “i came to say bye” MIN YOONGI YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE IM TAKING YOU BACK — yely⁷ ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ (@bichwi) September 21, 2023 our brightest star min yoongi, let's meet again in 2025. always be safe and healthy. we love you so much and will always be here waiting for you ♡#To2025_WithSUGA#UntilSpringComesBackYOONGI IS WORTH THE WAITTHE KING WILL RETURN#우리인사하자_bye아닌hello — ً (@mygalias) September 21, 2023 3/7 💔2 years apart is nothing compared the lifetime we’ll have togetherWE LOVE YOU YOONGI 🤍 Min YoongiYOONGI IS WORTH THE WAITTHE KING WILL RETURN#우리인사하자_bye아닌hello #Abhiya #To2025_WithSUGA#UntilSpringComesBack #SUGA #minyoongi — ✮⋆˙ 𝘼𝙗𝙝𝙞𝙮𝙖 𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙚𝙧 ✮⋆˙ (@VenomousLassie) September 21, 2023 We will wait for you, Min Yoongi. See you in 2025 ❤️‍🩹YOONGI IS WORTH THE WAIT THE KING WILL RETURN#To2025_WithSUGA #UntilSpringComesBack #우리_인사하자_bye아닌hello — 𝕋suki || ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ⭒🧸 (@JungkookTsuki7) September 21, 2023 This poignant announcement also bears relevance to the recent renewal of BTS's contract with HYBE Corporation, their management company.  Suga's departure, while bittersweet, is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the BTS members, who continue to evolve and excel in their careers. As they embark on this new chapter.

21 September,2023 09:36 PM IST | South Korea

BTS: Jungkook admits to being tired at Incheon airport, ARMYs concerned

Jungkook, the beloved member of BTS, has consistently demonstrated his dedication to both his craft and his fans. On September 21 (KST), as he geared up for his performance at the Global Citizen Festival, Jungkook's unrelenting commitment to his supporters was on full display at Incheon Airport. Despite his jam-packed schedule that has seen him jetting off for overseas commitments with remarkable frequency, Jungkook arrived at the airport with that signature blend of charisma and fatigue. It was evident that he had either just rolled out of bed or was grappling with the exhaustion that accompanies a demanding itinerary. Nevertheless, the ever-gracious idol made a point to acknowledge the media and his adoring fans. Upon a reporter asking him if he's tired, Jungkook politely nodded 'yes'. As he stepped out of his vehicle, Jungkook, with bleary eyes that spoke volumes about his hectic routine, greeted the eager crowd that had gathered to catch a glimpse of their beloved star. The flashing cameras and clamor of fans did little to deter Jungkook from his mission to connect with those who admire him. When a reporter inquired about his weariness, the idol silently nodded, perhaps hinting at the toll his relentless schedule had taken on him. Navigating his way through the airport, Jungkook remained a paragon of politeness. He continued to wave, offer greetings, and, of course, bowed to express his gratitude to those surrounding him. It was a heartfelt acknowledgment of the unwavering support he receives from his global fanbase. ARMYs took to Twitter to express their concern over Jungkook's clear fatigue: I really hope Jungkook can rest and sleep enough on this flight. He has been working so hard, having multiple flights in such a short time, he is doing a lot for all of us.. he deserves so much love seriously. — 나비.97 (FAN) (@maineventjeon) September 21, 2023 My baby looks so sleepy and tired 😭😭😭HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT JUNGKOOK#JungKookOnGlobalCitizen — JK TikTok Updates  (@JKOnTikTok) September 21, 2023 Till the last minute he will be sure to thank and bow to fansThat’s Jungkook’s thing despite him being sleepy or tired it’s just his nature HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT JUNGKOOK — ミ ♡ ミ (@ayjk97) September 21, 2023 even if Jungkook was sleepy and tired, he kept cheering and bowing for the support being given.. be has the greatest heart I've ever seen. Our best boy :( — 나비.97 (FAN) (@maineventjeon) September 21, 2023 Despite appearing visibly fatigued in the photographs shared by the media, Jungkook's commitment to his fans never wavered. He persisted in acknowledging both the media personnel and the fans who had patiently waited to catch a glimpse of their idol.

21 September,2023 05:54 PM IST | Mumbai

BTS commits to Hybe once more, RM takes to Instagram to celebrate the news!

BTS has once again committed to their musical journey by renewing their exclusive contracts with entertainment giant HYBE. This exciting development ensures that the septet will continue to captivate hearts around the world well beyond 2025 when they are expected to complete their mandatory military service. HYBE made the official announcement on Wednesday, revealing that all seven members of BTS had unanimously agreed to extend their contracts with BigHit Music, further solidifying their commitment to the agency that has been their home since their inception. This decision comes as no surprise to the BTS ARMY, the devoted fanbase that has stood by the group through thick and thin. The significance of this contract renewal cannot be overstated. It not only secures BTS's future in the music industry but also reaffirms their unbreakable bond with their loyal fans. To express their heartfelt appreciation for this unwavering support, BigHit Music made a remarkable gesture. They donated a staggering 1 billion won (approximately $750,000) in the name of BTS ARMY, an act of gratitude that showcases the profound impact this fanbase has had on the group's journey to superstardom. With this second contract renewal, BTS's career trajectory continues to ascend to new heights. The group, known for their chart-topping hits and show-stopping performances, remains at the forefront of the global music scene.  Amidst the excitement surrounding the contract extension, one member of BTS couldn't contain his joy. RM, the charismatic leader of the group, took to Instagram to celebrate this monumental moment. In his story, he shared the thrilling news with ARMY, sparking a wave of enthusiasm among fans worldwide.  As BTS members continue to fulfill their mandatory military service obligations one by one, their hiatus from the stage is a bittersweet reality for fans. However, the silver lining is that this temporary separation will culminate in a grand reunion. By 2025, all members will have completed their service and will once again unite as a band, ready to create more musical magic that will undoubtedly set the world ablaze. In the meantime, the anticipation among fans is palpable. Speculation about what the future holds for BTS is rife, with expectations running high. The group's track record of pushing boundaries and breaking records suggests that their return to the music scene will be nothing short of spectacular. For now, the world watches with bated breath as BTS embarks on this exciting new chapter in their illustrious career. With their contracts renewed and the promise of more music on the horizon, the future looks brighter than ever for this iconic K-pop sensation. 

20 September,2023 06:47 PM IST | South Korea

BTS: V shatters record as first K-soloist to dominate Billboard Global 200

In the world of K-pop, milestones and chart-topping achievements are a common sight. However, when BTS’ V takes the spotlight with his debut solo album "Layover," the entire music industry takes notice. The heartthrob's journey into the solo realm has been nothing short of spectacular, and now, we have yet another reason to celebrate. Slow Dancing, the enchanting title track from V's maiden solo album, has recently secured its place on the prestigious Billboard music charts. Just two weeks after the album's grand release on September 8, Slow Dancing has entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #51, marking a remarkable feat for the talented artist. The global sensation, BTS' V, has not only conquered the Hot 100 but has also made his presence felt on the Global 200 chart, securing an impressive #4 position. Moreover, on the Global Excl U.S. chart, he has landed at #3, further solidifying his international musical prowess. V's success on the charts doesn't come as a complete surprise, given the dedication and hard work he poured into his debut album. Collaborating with renowned producer Min Hee Jin, known for her creative direction at NewJeans, V crafted a musical masterpiece that transcends genres. With "Layover," fans are treated to a delightful blend of pop, R&B, and jazz, creating an unforgettable sonic experience. One of the most endearing moments in V's solo journey was his performance of Slow Dancing on the popular music show, M Countdown. It was a performance that not only mesmerized fans but also etched a special place in the hearts of many. What made it even more memorable was the surprise appearance of V's furry friend, Yeontan, who made his K-pup debut alongside his talented owner. This adorable addition only added to the charm of an already mesmerizing performance. ARMYs shared in the excitement, check out what they had to say: V/Kim Taehyung is the FIRST K-Soloist in HISTORY to chart all tracks from an album in both Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Excl. US !!!! — K⁷ ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ (@tksovers) September 19, 2023 KIM TAEHYUNG becomes in the FIRST and ONLY K-pop Soloist to chart ALL TRACKS of an Album on Billboard’s Global 200 & Billboard Global Excl. US Charts in History! 🔥CONGRATULATIONS TAEHYUNGLAYOVER NO SKIP ALBUM LAYOVER BILLBOARD TAKEOVER TAEHYUNG HISTORY MAKER — Elysha | Layoꪜer (@myonlyTAEger) September 19, 2023 KIM TAEHYUNG / #V ONBILLBOARD CHART:Album: LAYOVER#2 billboard 200Songs: SLOW DANCING#51 billboard Hot 100#04 billboard Global 200#03 billboard Global Excl. US#2 billboard Digital Song Sales — KTH Filo Stream Team (@vstreamph) September 19, 2023 V now becomes the first Korean/Kpop Soloist in history to chart all tracks from a full album in both Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. US KIM TAEHYUNG slaying in every possible language — Justin Seagull⁷ ᴸᴬʸᴼ⁽ꪜ⁾ᴱᴿ㋡ (@kookieees_07) September 19, 2023 KIM TAEHYUNG is the FIRST & ONLY K-Pop/KOREAN SOLOIST to debut all Album Tracks on the Billboard Global 200 & Billboard Global 200 Excluding US Charts.TAEHYUNG & YEONTAN DID THAT😉Congratulations Taehyung🎉 — TAEKOOK MOM♡ (@purplesNgreen) September 19, 2023 The success of Slow Dancing is just one chapter in the story of V's remarkable solo debut. Prior to the album's official release, fans were treated to a sneak peek with the pre-release of two tracks, "Love Me Again" and "Rainy Days" in August 2023. The album itself boasts a total of six tracks, including a piano version of Slow Dancing as a bonus track. Each song on "Layover" comes complete with its own visually captivating music video.

19 September,2023 06:31 PM IST | South Korea

BTS: V aka Kim Taehyung flaunts his skin in new photoshoot, ARMYs go wild!

In an episode of the beloved series "Suchwita" hosted by Suga of BTS, fans, affectionately known as ARMYs, were treated to an unforgettable experience. The episode was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with laughter, reflection, and a moment that had fans talking excitedly. During a discussion about the members' individual accomplishments and their solo songs, it was none other than BTS's V who decided to drop a bombshell about BTS's mysterious "Chapter 2," leaving fans both surprised and amused. With his trademark humor and playful spirit, V declared, "Chapter 2 has nothing to do with taking our shirts off." The revelation sent waves through the ARMY community, as BTS has a knack for keeping their fans guessing and entertained. "Chapter 2" had become a sort of inside joke among ARMYs, with many speculating that this new phase in BTS's journey might involve the members baring a bit more skin than usual. Even Suga couldn't resist adding to the speculation by hinting that some members had indeed flaunted their physiques. However, the surprises didn't end there. V was recently part of a concept shoot for DICON, and during an interview about the shoot, he candidly admitted to revealing some skin in the pictures. This revelation added a hilarious twist to the ongoing "Chapter 2" mystery and had fans and fellow members alike in stitches. V playfully expressed his embarrassment about showing so much skin, leaving ARMYs laughing and delighted.           View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by 김태형 taehyung⁷ 🐻 (@taetaebooo) Soon enough, the comment section was filled with hilarious comments. "Reminder: "chapter 2 has nothing to do with taking our shirts off" :)" one fan wrote.  Another user commented, "WE ARE DAMN OK WITH IT KIM TAEHYUNG" "he is talking like he was not shirtless few days back" read another comment.  "Is he fr. He was shirtless days ago. And now i saw how he danced showing everything and the next second he is like "I'm embarrassed". His mood swings istg" wrote another user. In recent BTS news, the third member from the South Korean band to begin his military service is Suga aka Min Yoongi. Jin and J-hope have already been enlisted and serving their mandatory military service. On Sunday morning, BigHit Music made the official announcement of Suga's enlistment date.  Last month, BigHit Music said that Suga, had started the military enlistment process. He will be the third member of the BTS to fulfil his mandatory duty. The agency shared the announcement on Weverse, a day after the BTS rapper concluded his D-Day concert in Seoul.

19 September,2023 12:57 PM IST | South Korea
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